Policy Update

Effective immediately, our office will no longer be accepting new patients that do not vaccinate their children. Please contact our staff at (201)763-6030 if you have any comments and/or concerns. We truly appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

Hall Crowns and SDF

“Hall Crowns” can be a great treatment option for a young, uncooperative child with tooth decay. This is a case where two stainless steel crowns (“Hall Crowns”) were used to treat severely decayed (but not infected!) baby molars. No general anesthesia. No sedation. No drilling involved. This patient came in initially for a second opinion after a dental surgery under general anesthesia had been recommended.

Prior to the placement of the crowns, SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) treatment was completed to both the molars and the upper front teeth to stop the decay from progressing. The xray is from the initial consultation day. The mouth picture is from the follow up visit, three months after the placement of the hall crowns.

If parents choose to cover the black SDF stains on the front teeth, SMART strip crowns can be used where the front teeth would be covered with glass ionomer (GI) tooth colored crowns.

Call us at (201) 763-6030 if you would like to learn more about minimally invasive dental procedures for your children.

Xray: A baby molar with large tooth decay Picture: Hall crowns and SDF arrested decay

Xray: A baby molar with large tooth decay Picture: Hall crowns and SDF arrested decay

Please meet Dr. Wang

Dr. Yayun Wang will be joining Dear Tooth Fairy this summer to be the tooth fairy for the big people! :) A lot of our parents asked "Can we come here too and watch the TV on the ceiling!?” So we are answering. Please meet Dr. Wang. She is a mother of an adorable boy, her family also lives in Jersey City. Oh, did we mention that she speaks fluent Chinese (Mandarin)? Now our staff members speak English, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. Click here for her bio.

Dr. Yayun Wang. General Dentistry.

Dr. Yayun Wang. General Dentistry.


💌🦷🧚‍♂️ BEFORE and AFTER pictures of ICON treatment. This is a case where Dr. Kim used a non-drilling technique/product to make those white spots on the front teeth fade away! #ICON #nodrilling #painfree #nopostopsensitivity
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Update on our Ice Cream and Face Painting with a Tooth Fairy Day

A success! We had so much fun at the Ice Cream and Face Painting with a Tooth Fairy, on the National Tooth Fairy Day on Aug 22, 2018. We hope to make it an annual event, so look for the event announcement for next year! :)

Ice Cream and Face Paining with a Tooth Fairy

Spring Break Is Coming Up!

Get your child's teeth checked and cleaned!

March break promotion is available if you do not have dental insurance coverage.  For 3 years old and younger, exam is complimentary. For 4 years and older, a complete first visit including exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment and necessary xrays is $150. 

Call (201) 763-6030 for an appointment or visit www.deartoothfairyJC.com/schedule-online to schedule at your convenience 24/7.

Thank you!



Happy Anniversary to Dear Tooth Fairy!!

💝Our first anniversary is coming up! In celebrating Dear Tooth Fairy's first anniversary, we are giving out a pair of tickets to ❄️Frozen The Broadway Musical❄️


This is a Facebook event.  Please visit our Facebook page for more details!

Click HERE for the video! 

This Facebook event is open through Dec. 16, 2017. The winner must present to the office to claim the tickets between 12/18/17 and 12/30/ 17 during our normal office hours. The tickets are for the Dec. 1, 2018 2 pm show. You do not have to be our patient to participate. Good luck!


2017 Family Halloween Bash

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻🍬🍭We had sooo much fun yesterday at the Family Halloween Bash, hosted by @hdsid_jc. Special thanks to my helper fairies, you guys were just amazing!