In-OFFICE IV Sedation
Hospital Dentistry

"Deep sedation or general anesthesia can be provided in a safe and humane fashion to those children and individuals with special care needs who have extensive dental treatment, acute situational anxiety, uncooperative age-appropriate behavior, immature cognitive functioning, disabilities, or medical conditions." (AAPD Guidelines)

At Dear Tooth Fairy, Dr. Min Jin Kim works with a wonderful dental anesthesiologist to provide safe in-office IV sedation. Patients who are very young and/or apprehensive, and have extensive decay can safely receive complete dental treatment in one visit under IV sedation. Please call us to learn more.

Dr. Kim also has the operating room privilege at Jersey City Medical Center (JCMC), which means that Dr. Kim can provide dental treatment for your child under general anesthesia at the medical center as well.  JCMC is located on Grand Street, right across from our office!  

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